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TerraClean Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection Service in Eau Claire, WI

Get the most out of your next fuel injection service when you visit ATS Complete Auto Repair.

At our shop, we use the TerraClean Decarbonizing machine to get you the best results, fast. Experience the Terraclean difference firsthand, and you won't settle for less when it comes to keeping your vehicle's fuel system clean. Visit us in Eau Claire, WI today. We're only a short drive from Chippewa Falls, WI and Lake Hallie, WI.

What is Terraclean?

The Terraclean Decarbonizer process excels at removing carbon, tars, and varnishes from your vehicle's fuel systems, intake valves, and combustion chamber areas. Just think of Terraclean as a washing machine for your engine.

Our Terraclean Fuel Injection Service can help you maintain your vehicle, take care of the environment, and save $$$ off your vehicle's gas bills.

What you can expect from a Terraclean Decarbonizer service?

Our service can help you:

  • Restore fuel economy
  • Regain lost horsepower
  • Extend fuel injector and fuel pump life
  • Improve cold weather starting
  • Lower exhaust smoke and emissions

When you're looking for a fast fuel injection service, look to our shop and our Terraclean Decarbonizer equipment. It's powerful and works hard to get you back on the road with better vehicle performance.

TerraClean Gas Carbonizing

Carbon deposits, the byproduct of combustion, build up inside your engine over time and with every turn of the key. This build up affects your engine's efficiency and often results in reduced performance, reduced fuel economy, and increased emissions. By keeping your engine properly decarbonized through a fuel injection service, however, you're likely to see anywhere between a 4–15% improvement in fuel economy. Similarly, you may see a 40% improvement in fuel economy by fixing a faulty oxygen sensor.

What Does TerraClean Do?

Terraclean Decarbonizer has a record of doing the following for vehicles:

  • Fuel Injector - Removes varnish and carbon build up on the fuel injector tips and restores the spray pattern.
  • Catalytic Converter - Extends the life of the catalytic converter through the removal of carbon deposits.
  • Oxygen Sensors - Cleans and extends the life of your oxygen sensors, restoring fuel economy and performance.
  • Combustion Chamber - Removes carbon from within the engine’s combustion chamber and on the intake valves, reducing octane requirement and improving idle and driveability.

See for yourself today when you contact us for a fuel injection service.

Terraclean Diesel Decarbonizing

Terraclean uses patented machinery and chemicals to thoroughly clean the different fuel-related components in your vehicle. The machine connects to your vehicle using high quality OEM specific adapters, taking over its fuel tank and fuel pump. This process enables us to properly clean your internal engine components without dismantling your engine! During the fuel injection service, the majority of carbon, tars, and varnishes are removed from your fuel injectors, injection pumps, combustion chambers, valves, manifolds, and oxygen sensors.

Why Clean the Fuel System of a Diesel Engine?

The performance of your vehicle is at the heart of any fuel injection service. Carbon deposits inside your vehicle's combustion chamber can negatively impact its performance. Similarly, your fuel injectors are affected by deposits, reducing fuel economy and costing you money. Let your engine breathe again with a fuel injection service.

Keep Your Car Properly Decarbonized!

Vehicle maintenance services like our fuel injection service will help keep your vehicle performing better for longer. The Terraclean Decarbonizer process is designed to remove carbon from combustion chambers and injectors to safely restore horsepower, lower opacity, and restore MPG in diesel engines.

What Else Does TerraClean do?

  • Cleans and lubricates the fuel pump, extending component life.
  • Removes carbon build up from the combustion chamber, resulting in a more efficient burn.
  • Cleans fuel injectors so the spray pattern is restored, giving back lost fuel economy

To learn more about our TerraClean Fuel Injection Service or schedule an appointment, please contact us now.

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